Year of Palladio

Civic Architecture : Villa

Villa Poiana (Istituto Regionale Ville Venete)

In the Villa Poiana, built in the late 1540s, “…Palladio seems to have pursued the utilitarian kind of logic found in the architecture of ancient baths through an extraordinarily synthetic, abstract, almost metaphysical language of forms. Stripped of capitals and trabeations, the order is only just hinted at in the essential articulation of the pilaster bases.”(Beltramini, pp. 135, 137) There is a charm to the facade of the villa, that is certainly unique, with its Palladian bay entrance with “the odd device of five oculi, or holes in the panel between the arches.” (Reed, p. 10-11)

Additional Reading

Andrea Palladio by Stephen R. Wassell

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