Year of Palladio

Civic Architecture : Villa

Villa Foscari (La Malcontenta)

Villa Foscari (late 1550s), otherwise known as “La Malcontenta,” “combines elements derived [both] from the Venetian building tradition and from antique architecture…The villa is a striking demonstration of Palladio’s mastery at achieving monumental effects with humble materials, essentially brick and plaster. In addition, through its series of windows that make “the internal distribution legible,” “the rear façade [of the Villa Foscari] is one of the most skillful achievements in Palladio’s output.” (Beltramini, pp. 177, 179) The building itself contains a high ionic order at the front porch facing the river, with stairways to both sides of the porch as opposed to the center. It is also important to note that the entire exterior of the building is rusticated. (Reed, p.32–35)

Additional Reading

Andrea Palladio by Stephen R. Wassell

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