Year of Palladio

Civic Architecture : Sacred Building

Tempietto Barbaro

The Tempietto at the Villa Barbaro in Maser was completed around 1580, and as such is considered to be Palladio’s last work (along with the Teatro Olimpico). This is the first religious structure built to be attached to a Palladian villa. The tempietto is refined, as it filled the function both of villa chapel and parish church. It is based most evidently on the Pantheon in Rome, but “[t]he plan of the building is innovative because it combines a cylinder and a Greek cross, with four massive piers buttressing the dome.” (Beltramini, p. 215) The idealism of the tempietto’s centralized plans were “religious and philsophical in nature — an intellectual idealism,” according to Constant. (p. 132)

Additional Sacred Buildings