Year of Palladio

Civic Architecture : Sacred Building

Il Redentore

Il Redentore was built in 1576 in honor of Christ the Redeemer (“Il Redentore”) in the hopes that he would help quell the plague that was ravaging Venice and nearby cities. According to Beltramini, “[t]he plan [of the church] is actually derived from the harmonic composition of four cellular spaces, perfectly defined and differentiated: the rectangle of the nave, the side chapels based on the narthex form, the tripartite cella with two apses and a curved columnar screen, and the choir. Once these forms had been carefully worked out, Palladio devised subtle solutions to facilitate the transition from one form to another, thus blending them into a harmonious whole…The overall result reflects Palladio’s consummate skill in composition and acute awareness of scenographic effects.” (Beltramini, pp. 243–244)

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