Year of Palladio

Civic Architecture : Private Building

Palazzo Valmarana

Built circa 1555, the Palazzo Valmarana is situated on a narrow street, and the viewer will observe with awe the building’s massive pilasters, which are arranged all along the Palazzo’s length and which can be seen from great distances. In addition, a viewer will notice how the building blends or ‘bleeds’ into its adjacent buildings by Palladio’s ingenious use of statuary on the upper levels: instead of using a major pilaster that would starkly define the end of the palazzo and the beginning of a new building, Palladio used minor pilasters combined with figures to create a much more continuous look. Such fluidity and continuity is a staple of Palladian style. (Beltramini, p.58)

Additional Reading

Andrea Palladio by Stephen R. Wassell

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