Year of Palladio

Civic Architecture : Private Building

Palazzo Thiene (Banco Popolare)

Work on the Palazzo Thiene began in 1542. The building was originally concieved by Giulio Romano but was executed almost exclusively by the young Palladio, who was responsible independently of Romano for the vaulting system, the trabeation and the capitals on the first floor. (Beltramini, p. 22) Palladio desccribed this palace in his notes, as “‘insular’ perhaps referring to its antique precedents as well as its freestanding nature.” (Constant, p. 36) The four columned entry vestibule at the Palace was most likely borrowed from Vitruvius. Additionally, the Palazzo Thiene is the first of Palladio’s urban buildings in which a triadic composition is evident. (Constant, p. 37)

Additional Reading

Andrea Palladio by Stephen R. Wassell

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