Year of Palladio

Civic Architecture : Private Building

Palazzo Civena (Eretenia Nursing Home)

Building on the Palazzo Civena began in 1540, and was the first urban palace Palladio built in Vicenza. This building is interesting as it illuminates Palladio’s early career and reveals the character of his work before his first trip to Rome in 1541. The viewer can see in the façade the lack of “plastic force” that would come with Palladio’s post-Rome buildings and can tell that the architecural vocabulary is singularly Venetian, whereas later in his career it would take on a distinctly Roman character. (Beltramini, p. 17) In fact, Palladio designed a portico on the first floor, following a Venetian theme, in a manner “stylictically derived from Roman precedants.” (Constant, p. 26)

Additional Reading

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