Year of Palladio

Civic Architecture : Private Building

Palazzo Barbarano da Porto

The Palazzo Barbarano da Porto, the only urban palace Palladio built in its entirety, was completed between 1570 and 1575. It is one of the rare occurences in a palace of an open colonnade over the sidewalk. Here, says Beltramini “the central columns [a]re…tied to the perimeter walls by fragments of rectilinear trabeation to absorb the irregularities of the atrrium plan. [Palladio] thus introduced a kind of system of serliane, an expedient conceptually similar to that in the loggias of the Basilica. Palladio even adopted an unusual type of Ionic capital — derived from the Temple of Saturn in the Roman Forum — allowing him to mask the slight but significant rotations necessary to align the columns and half-columns.” (Beltramini, pp. 68, 71)

Additional Reading

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