Year of Palladio


The Palladian-inspired houses of the American Renaissance make for a subject much too extensive to do justice within the confines of this website. They are being covered at a regular pace through the Acanthus Pressís superb on-going series of monographs on the domestic works of the architects of the period. The architects featured thus far include William Lawrence Bottomley, Carrere & Hastings, Delano & Aldrich, John Russell Pope, Charles A. Platt, and Horace Trumbauer among others. If we were to select one work of domestic architecture of the American Renaissance that best presents Palladian ideals, it might be one that regrettably has been lost (Figure 90). Horace Trumbauerís Whitemarsh Hall, erected outside Philadelphia in 1916-20, combined the best of Palladian, Gibbs, and American Renaissance traditions. This magnificent stone mansion, with its portico, loggias, and interior rotundas, reflected the periodís impeccable quality and mastery of historic traditions. This proud work of architecture was demolished in 1980.

Figure 90
Figure 90

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