Year of Palladio

Calendar of Events

The follow calendar is a compilation of events taking place this quincentenary year to celebrate Palladio’s life and career. The events listed here were organized both by the Institute of Classical Architecture & Classical America and by other organizations and are subject to change throughout the calendar year.


4th — 11th – Palladio’s Veneto, a Travel Program presented by the Institute of Classical Architecture & Classical America. For more information call 800-390-5536 or email [email protected]

16th — 19th – Three Centuries of Palladio in Newport, a Travel Program presented by the Institute of Classical Architecture & Classical America. For more information call 800-390-5536 or email [email protected]

24th — 25th – Intra Moenia: Palladio and the City ~ Symposium
Paid registrations required.
Day of the event, please call the Institute’s Reservations Line at (212) 730-9646, extension 109, by 12 noon (EST) on Friday, October 24, 2008.
Limited admissions are available at the door.
Friday October 24th – Saturday October 25th, 2008 at the
New York School of Interior Design
170 East 70th St NY, NY 10021

A symposium and accompanying exhibit, which examines the urbanism of Palladio and its relevance for America’s cities, towns and landscape. Held at the New York School of Interior Design, the conference will explore Palladio’s contribution to the fabric of the city and to the rural to urban transect of human habitation, by bringing together leading Palladian scholars, architects, and urbanists, who will discuss his legacy’s bearing on the contemporary built environment. The symposium will be structured around three themes: Palladio’s Urbanism; Palladio’s Influence on American Cities and Towns; and Contemporary Palladians. Scholars and practicing architects will present new research and projects on these themes, concluding with a panel discussion that examines Palladio’s role as a civic activist, and how American cities may be served better by Palladian visions and theories, including the rural/urban interface presented by American suburban sprawl.


Plus One Gallery in London are presenting an exhibition of work,“Celebrating Palladio,” during November 2008. Invited artists and architects working in a variety of media will reflect upon the buildings and legacy of “the most imitated architect in history”. An illustrated catalogue with a text by David Watkin will be available from the gallery. The exhibition opens on Tuesday 4 November and runs to 29 November 2008 at Plus One Gallery, 91 Pimlico Road, London SW1W 8PH.
Opening hours Monday to Friday 10am to 6.30pm and Saturday 10am to 3pm. Tel: (0)207 730 7656. Website: E-mail: [email protected]

12th – 16th – The California Classicism of Los Angeles, a Travel Program presented by the Institute of Classical Architecture & Classical America. For more information call 800-390-5536 or email [email protected]


4th — 7th – Private New York, a Travel Program presented by the Institute of Classical Architecture & Classical America
For more information call 800-390-5536 or email [email protected]


April 21 — 29The American Friends of the Georgian Group present, Palladian Palaces and Villas of the Veneto

The American Friends of the Georgian Group will spend seven nights next spring in the beautiful Veneto region of Italy, where we will tour the palaces and villas designed by Andrea Palladio in the sixteenth century. Many of the most distinguished architects of Georgian England were inspired by Palladio’s The Four Books of Architecture, inspired, in turn, by the principles of classical art and design. Our guide will be Lord Charles FitzRoy, chairman of Fine Art Travel and author of Italy, a Grand Tour Guide for the Modern Traveller; Italy Revealed; and Return of the King, about the restoration of his ancestor Charles II.

We will begin with a tour of the town of Vicenza, including the Basilica of the Palazzo della Ragione, Palladio’s first important civic commission; the Palazzo Chiericati; and the Teatro Olimpico, a later work with fascinating receding streets leading off the stage. We will have a private lunch with the Count and Countess of Valmarana in their villa designed by Muttoni with frescoes by Tiepolo. The next day we visit the Villa Saraceno and the Villa Pisani at Bagnolo, both fine early works by Palladio, and the Villa Poiana, with its highly original entry faÁade. The Villa Emo is a brilliant example of Palladio’s style and contains frescoes by Zelotti from the 1560s. The Villa Barbaro is arguably the finest villa in northern Italy, commissioned by Daniele and Marc’ Antonio Barbaro in the charming hill town of Asolo; the villa’s ground floor is covered with trompe l’oeil frescoes by Veronese. We will enjoy a cocktail before lunch at a private villa in Asolo.

The grand Villa Foscari is called la Malcontenta because of the tale of the beautiful Foscarina, confined for life to the villa after a voluptuous and dissolute youth. The villa contains fine frescoes by Zelotti. From there we will procede to the Villa Pisani, Stra, with its ballroom ceiling by Tiepolo. In the afternoon we will stroll through the beautifully preserved seventeenth-century gardens at the Villa Barbarigo in the Euganean hills.

The Thiene, Porto-Breganze, and Barbaran da Porto palaces were all enormously influential works that we will visit, after which the Conte Valmarana will again be our host for drinks at the superb Villa Rotonda, a very special treat. The following day we will visit the Villa Godi, Palladio’s earliest villa and the Villa Piovene, a late work attributed to Palladio. We will have a special tour of the Villa Rocca Pisani, designed by Palladio’s star pupil, Vincenzo Scamozzi, and preferred by many to the Villa Rotonda, which inspired it.
During our visit to the Veneto, we will stay at the eighteenth-century Villa Michelangelo in the Berici hills, a few kilometers from Vicenza. This charming hotel has an indoor swimming pool and delightful loggia restaurant. We will have lunch at local restaurants most days; dinner most evenings is on your own but we will have dinner the first night at the Villa Michelangelo and on Sunday evening at the Osteria da Penacio. Our trip will end with a reception and luncheon at the palazzo of Georgian Group member Victoria Press, on the Grand Canal in Venice. A perfect setting in which to drink a toast to Andrea Palladio on the occasion of his 501st birthday!
Reservations are due by September 15, 2008. For reservation information e-mail us at [email protected] or call 212-991-9191.